The Lovatts Crossword & Puzzle Magazine Range

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  • Christine Lovatts BIG Crossword magazine

    Christine’s BIG Crossword

    Contains a mix of crosswords and puzzles plus lots of contests and a comfortable style you’ll love.


  • Lovatts Prize Puzzles magazine by Lovatts

    Lovatts Prize Puzzles

    With the best mix of puzzles and top quality prizes, this title is popular with puzzlers and competition lovers.


  • Lovatts Colossus Crosswords magazine

    Colossus Crosswords

    Entertaining and challenging with giant crosswords of different difficulty levels and 1000s of clues.


  • MEGA Crosswords magazine by Lovatts

    MEGA! Crosswords

    MEGA! is for those who love giant crosswords, with clues that are interesting and puzzler-friendly.


  • Cluewords magazine by Lovatts Crosswords and Puzzles


    Packed with popular arroword puzzles. Clues are in the black squares making puzzle solving a breeze.


  • Mindful Puzzles

    Brimming with thought-provoking content, inspiring stories and challenging puzzles, it’s a periodical for the sharp-minded modern woman.


  • Lovatts Findaword magazine - wordsearch puzzles


    Wordsearch puzzles are always a favourite and this title brings you the best wordsearch on the market.


  • Code Crackers

    Letters are replaced by numbers. Crack the code, fill in the words and reveal the answer.


  • Crossword & Puzzle Collection

    A feast of your favourite puzzles packed into one.


  • Christine’s Large Print Crosswords

    Our large grids, large numbers, large clues are designed to challenge your mind and not your eyes.


  • Cryptic Crossword Collection

    Master the cryptic crosswords and puzzles hand-crafted by experts in Christine’s Cryptic Collection, now available in two editions: the Puzzle Edition & the Crossword Edition.

  • Inklings

    Inklings is colour-ins with a difference.


  • Puzzle Fun For Kids

    Perfect for junior puzzlers. Contains lots of fun competitions with the chance to win great prizes.


  • Handy Crosswords

    Enjoy classic top-quality crossword puzzles in an on-the-go size.


  • Handy Puzzles

    A perfect mix of our most popular quality puzzles in an on-the-go size.


  • Handy Code Crackers

    In these popular puzzles letters have been replaced by numbers. You have to crack the code to fill in the words.


  • Handy Wordhunt

    In each Wordhunt puzzle you have to find the words and cross them off. It couldn’t be simpler or more fun.


  • Handy Arrowords

    The clues are in the black squares making these puzzles quick and easy to solve.


  • Handy Cryptic Crosswords

    Stretch your mind and tickle your grey cells with Handy Cryptic Crosswords – fun mental gymnastics in a handy, on-the-go size.


  • Handy Sudoku

    Sudoku is the best fun with numbers! Lovatts Sudoku puzzles are graded into five levels of difficulty.


  • Handy Killer Sudoku

    Sudoku’s devilish rivals, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro, are loved by Sudoku fans worldwide.


  • Handy Acrostic

    The latest addictive offering, Acrostic is a unique style of crossword.


  • Handy BrainTrainers

    New from Lovatts, Handy BrainTrainers is a fun collection of more than 220 of your favourite brain training puzzles.


  • Kids Bumper Puzzle Fun Annual

    Contains 75 pages of puzzles, mazes, riddles, dot-to-dots and colouring-in. Includes complimentary pencil pack.


  • Operation Ouch

    From the award-winning TV show, Operation Ouch magazine is a medical comic packed full of puzzles, amazing experiments and facts about the human body.

  • Variety Puzzles

    Includes an exciting mix of crosswords, word puzzles, logic & number puzzles, brainteasers and many more.