Crossword and Puzzle Tutorials

Brush up on your skills or tackle a new challenge with this series of step-by-step puzzle tutorials. And if there's a particular puzzle that is causing you angst, contact us here and we'll put it on our list. Enjoy!

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Basic scanning
Look at the grid, bearing in mind the fundamental rule that each row, column and 3×3 box must contain one instance only of each of the digits from 1 – 9. The other side of this is that if a digit is already in a row, column, or 3×3 box, it can’t appear [more…]

Code Cracker Video Tutorial

A Code Cracker tutorial from puzzle queen, Christine Lovatt.

Acrostic Video Tutorial

Christine Lovatt shows you how to get started with this popular puzzle, the Acrostic.

Binary Video Tutorial

Get started with the highly addictive logic puzzles known as Binaries.

Killer Sudoku (Addoku) Video Tutorial

An Addoku (Killer Sudoku) tutorial from puzzle queen Christine Lovatt.

Skeleton Crossword Video Tutorial

Christine Lovatt shows you step-by-step how to flesh out a Skeleton Crossword.

Word Search Video Tutorial

Puzzle queen, Christine Lovatt, shows you how to find your way around our popular find-a-word puzzles.

CALkuro Video Tutorial

Video tutorial on how to solve a Lovatts Calkuro.

Kakuro Video Tutorial

Kakuro can be considered a type of crossword where the clues appear as sum totals and the answers are a sequence of numbers. When added together, the numbers match the given totals...