Online Crosswords

As of 1st of December, Adobe, Google Chrome and many other popular internet browsers have ended their support for the Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately, this means some of our older online puzzles and games built using flash are no longer available.

The great news is, most of our online puzzles have been created with modern technology, without the use of flash, so you can continue to get your daily online puzzle fix with your favourite online word games and number puzzles.

We appreciate your patience through this period of change. Happy puzzling!


Enigma Crossword Competition

Play our daily Enigma Crossword Puzzle for your chance to WIN a AUD$100 Visa gift card!
Available to Australian, NZ and UK puzzlers!


Cryptic Crossword

Test your lateral thinking powers with Christine Lovatt’s Daily Cryptic Crossword Puzzle


Quick Crossword

Quick and easy crossword.


Universal Crossword

The crossword for every English speaker.


Code Cracker

Crack the code in this challenging clueless crossword.


Memory Lane Crossword

Step back in time with our WEEKLY Memory Lane Crossword.


American Crossword

US English spelling and culture.