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These puzzle icons which appear on the front or inside-front covers of our magazines reveal the type and number of puzzles and competitions featured in Lovatts titles. Descriptions and search options are provided below.

Lovatts titles feature exciting competitions with cash and prizes to be won. We have contests to suit everyone from brainteasers to regular crosswords, from wordsearch to code crackers and sudoku, to real toughies such as the Stinker in Colossus Crosswords and the Demon in Christine’s BIG Crossword.

With a Lovatts crossword there are no hidden tricks and no obscure words (unless you are tackling one of our tougher contests). All our crosswords are checked rigorously to make sure you can enjoy error-free puzzling. We have cryptic crosswords, arrowords, giant crosswords (such as the Colossus, MEGA and Maxi), themed crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and celebrity crosswords.SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING CROSSWORDS
In these puzzles, numbers replace letters in a grid of ordinary English words. Puzzlers break a code to fill in the grid and reveal the celebrity or themed mystery answer. Lovatts Code Crackers and Starhunts don’t use tricks or obscure words, and clue hints have been carefully chosen to give puzzlers a fair start.SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING CODE CRACKERS
Brainteasers are small puzzles that stretch the mind in different ways. They are tasty little treats for puzzle lovers. Our brainteasers include Wheel Words, Steps, Magic Squares, Vexagon, Pyramid Power, Wordygig, Prism, Broken Hearted, Analog, Who Am I? and Mumbo-Jumbo.SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING BRAINTEASERS
Also known as Criss-Cross, Fill-Ins are a popular puzzle requiring nothing but a pen and a bit of logical thinking. Fit the listed words into the blank squares so that they interlock to fill the grid. Puzzle variants include Do Your Block, Missing Links, Cross-Out, Triplets, Criss Cross and the Krypton.SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING FILL-INS
Cross off all the listed words to complete the puzzle. All puzzles are themed and our findawords have the added fun of a hidden answer. Other variants include Cluedunnit with clues and a mystery celebrity, Tracker where the words are in a spiral and Photo-Find which has pictures instead of words.SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING WORDSEARCH
Sudoku is the king of number logic puzzles. Lovatts sudoku have different levels of difficulty to suit everyone from novices to Einsteins. We also produce all the popular sudoku variants including Killer Sudoku, Kakuro, X-Factor, Shape-Shifter, Colour Sudoku, Calkuro, Ripple Effect and Binary!SEARCH FOR TITLES CONTAINING LOGIC PUZZLES

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