A Lovatts Crossword & Puzzle gift subscription is the perfect way to spoil mum, or yourself, this Mother’s Day. From deviously delightful Cryptic Crosswords to Mindful Puzzles enchanting pages and puzzles, you’ll be gifting hours of fun and entertainment. Plus, it’s the thoughtful gift that will be remembered all year round with each issue delivered straight to their mailbox.


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  • Lovatts Prize Puzzles magazine by Lovatts

    Lovatts Prize Puzzles

    With the best mix of puzzles and top quality prizes, this title is popular with puzzlers and competition lovers.


  • Christine Lovatts BIG Crossword magazine

    Christine’s BIG Crossword

    Contains a mix of crosswords and puzzles plus lots of contests and a comfortable style you’ll love.


  • Mindful Puzzles

    Brimming with thought-provoking content, inspiring stories and challenging puzzles, it’s a periodical for the sharp-minded modern woman.


  • Lovatts Colossus Crosswords magazine

    Colossus Crosswords

    Entertaining and challenging with giant crosswords of different difficulty levels and 1000s of clues.


  • MEGA Crosswords magazine by Lovatts

    MEGA! Crosswords

    MEGA! is for those who love giant crosswords, with clues that are interesting and puzzler-friendly.


  • Cluewords magazine by Lovatts Crosswords and Puzzles


    Packed with popular arroword puzzles. Clues are in the black squares making puzzle solving a breeze.


  • Lovatts Findaword magazine - wordsearch puzzles


    Wordsearch puzzles are always a favourite and this title brings you the best wordsearch on the market.


  • Code Crackers

    Letters are replaced by numbers. Crack the code, fill in the words and reveal the answer.


  • Crossword & Puzzle Collection

    A feast of your favourite puzzles packed into one.


  • Christine’s Large Print Crosswords

    Our large grids, large numbers, large clues are designed to challenge your mind and not your eyes.


  • Cryptic Crossword Collection

    Quality crosswords with hand-crafted clues and a ‘how to do’ guide.


  • Inklings

    Inklings is colour-ins with a difference.


  • Handy Crosswords

    Enjoy classic top-quality crossword puzzles in an on-the-go size.


  • Handy Puzzles

    A perfect mix of our most popular quality puzzles in an on-the-go size.


  • Handy Code Crackers

    In these popular puzzles letters have been replaced by numbers. You have to crack the code to fill in the words.


  • Handy Wordhunt

    In each Wordhunt puzzle you have to find the words and cross them off. It couldn’t be simpler or more fun.


  • Handy Arrowords

    The clues are in the black squares making these puzzles quick and easy to solve.


  • Handy Cryptic Crosswords

    Cryptic Crosswords are fun mental gymnastics designed to entertain while they exercise the brain.


  • Handy Sudoku

    Sudoku is the best fun with numbers! Lovatts Sudoku puzzles are graded into five levels of difficulty.


  • Handy Killer Sudoku

    Sudoku’s devilish rivals, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro, are loved by Sudoku fans worldwide.


  • Handy Acrostic

    The latest addictive offering, Acrostic is a unique style of crossword.


  • Handy BrainTrainers

    New from Lovatts, Handy BrainTrainers is a fun collection of more than 330 of your favourite brain training puzzles.


  • Super Sudoku Collection

    For a bumper volume of brain-tickling logic puzzles, look no further than our Super Sudoku Collection.