Our inspiring DIY winner Arthur Daniell will turn 100 this year! His winning crossword was published in Christine’s BIG Crossword 319.

Arthur Daniell was born on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia in 1919. He was the second youngest of 6 children. His parents settled on a dairy farm at Monteith on the River Murray when he was 8 or 9. In Grade 5 he was Dux of his Class (a Certificate he still owns). He was offered a Scholarship to attend Secondary School, however circumstances prevented his Parents accepting the opportunity. He was too young to leave School after receiving his Qualifying Certificate so he repeated Grade 7, and then his education was completed. He would have liked to have studied to be a School Teacher.

Arthur became an accomplished Aussie Rules Footballer, and later he played Electric Light Cricket and Competition Darts. Arthur went to work on nearby farms until he enrolled in the Armed Forces. Arthur served in the RAAF during WWII in Papua New Guinea working on Aircraft Engines. He was then posted back to Laverton, Victoria.

On discharge from service in March 1946 he was offered a place at Trade School. His first and second choices of Mechanics and Carpentry were at capacity. Arthur enrolled in Solid Plastering and passed with Honours. He also completed the Wall and Floor Tiling Course.

During Arthur’s career he spent a substantial time working for the SA construction firm AW Baulderstone Pty Ltd. He worked a long time in rural SA and WA. In 1968/1969 he worked in the Pilbara area of WA, when the iron ore mining boom was in its infancy. He was employed on the extension of the hospital at Mount Tom Price, and then, in Dampier, he worked on the police station and accommodation at the rail sidings.

Arthur has had many challenging health problems. From mid-2014 to February 2018 he was admitted to hospital, rehab or extra care for a total of an astonishing 282 days. He has had a permanent place at the Aged Care facility since March 2018. Arthur has proven just how determined and resilient a man he is. Arthur has been diligently working on the DIY crosswords for years, and to finally win is such a priceless gift and wonderful achievement in light of his medical history. Congratulations again, Arthur!