Super Sudoku Gremlins

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Super Sudoku Quick 152 – Gremlin

Kakuro 3, page 17

The total of the top two lines across are incorrect. 22 should be 23, and 19 should be 18.

Thank you to David Young for alerting us to this error.

Super Sudoku Quick 144 – Gremlin

Kakuro 5, page 17

There are two possible solutions for this puzzle.

Thanks to Peter Brandenburg of Mitchelton, Qld for alerting us to this gremlin

Super Sudoku 136 Gremlin

Page 18, Kakuro 1

The cell total Column 5, Row 8 is incorrect in the puzzle and solution

Thank you to Elsha Burns of Rangiora New Zealand for alerting us to this error

Super Sudoku 84 Gremlin

Sudoku issues 83 & 84 both indicate that they are the April issue. While this is not strictly a gremlin it could cause confusion for our readers and so we apologise.

Please be assured that these are different issues. You can see from the contest closing date that issue 83 contests closed on April 26 [more…]