Cryptic Crossword Collection Gremlins

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Christine’s Cryptic Crossword Collection 20 – Gremlin

Cryptic Cross 4, page 10

‘Principal’ is spelt incorrectly in the clue at 20 across, ‘Urge prinicicpal to be a boffin (7)’

Thanks to Kay Tredrea for alerting us to this gremlin

Cryptic Crossword Collection 16 Gremlin

Solution to Cryptic Words 1, page 70

The solution grid contains two incorrect words.

The answer  to the clue ‘Pen with the French fashion sense’ reads SOYA on the grid, but should be STYLE.  The intersecting answer to ‘More secure vault on right’ should read SAFER and not SAD.

Thanks to John Dubbelboer for alerting us to this error [more…]