Christine's Mailbag

We love receiving feedback from our puzzlers. Refer to our contact page for details of how to get in touch with any compliments or concerns. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. For your enjoyment, here's a selection of letters from Lovatts readers.

What a BIG surprise!

What a surprise. £50 for Big Demon 257. Like so many others this arrived at just the right time. We have two family weddings coming up and this will go towards a new outfit for one of them. Like most men my husband thinks one outfit should do. Definitely not. I so enjoy your [more…]

Puzzling Poet

I do love Lovatts puzzles,
They keep me on my toes,
Word puzzles, number puzzles,
Anything that goes.

When first I started puzzling
It was to have some fun,
My only real ambition
To solve each and every one.

I started entering contests
And to my great surprise
I found upon my doorstep
A little booklight prize.

Then followed in succession
A voucher and a cheque,
A dictionary/thesaurus
And [more…]

Another happy (and cosy) Lovatts prize winner…

Hi DeniseSuit just arrived, looks great. My 91 year old neighbour thought I was about to go into space. I can just imagine those cold nights in the caravan in my suit.Many thanksCheersJudyPictured: Judy Schouten, winner of a Lazypatch Duvet Suit in Variety Prize Puzzles

Can’t live without you

I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you profusely for the $50 I received from you for a win in one of your lovely competitions!! It arrived in time to give me a lift … my beautiful husband had just been run over by a little old man parked in a disabled bay [more…]

Third Time Lucky!

Thank you very much for my third win on the “Large Print Crosswords” competition! What’s even luckier is that I have received a different prize every time – first was the Collins Large Print Dictionary, second was the Collins Large Print Dictionary & Thesaurus (‘cos you’d run out of the dictionaries, lucky me!) and [more…]

Dust if you Must!

I have always loved poetry and over the years have collected poems of all sorts. The other day, I decided to have a good clean out and came across this poem. I thought you might get a laugh at ‘my version’ on the bottom!! Hope you enjoy it.

Lesly Adams
Avonsleigh, Vic
P.S. I don’t think I [more…]


Thank you so much for selecting me as a Super Sudoku prize winner. I was very excited since I don’t tend to win anything in raffles or sweeps or whatever – in fact, the last thing I can remember winning was a side of lamb back in 1971.  That was more of a problem than [more…]

Never too late to learn

Regardless of what some people might say, our computer is simply another source of reference. It’s no different to any other, whether it be a dictionary, a thesaurus or an encyclopaedia, or whatever, so if I’ve got one and it finds an answer for me, I win, and I learn something new in the [more…]

Luckier than most

Well golly gee what can we say
Another prize from Lovatts has come our way!
The first prize last year was out of the blue,
The prize this year is just tickety-boo!
The compilers of puzzles are both clever and wise,
With so many prizes we just can’t believe our eyes!
We haven’t written this poem to brag or to [more…]