Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

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Crossword & Puzzle Collection 118 – Gremlin

The Baffler, page 27

A TITI is a New World monkey not an ‘Old World monkey

Thank you to Merilyn House from Helensburgh, NSW for alerting us to this gremlin

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 118 – Gremlin

Baffler solution, page 117

The solution for the clue ‘Kristin … Thomas’ reads LCOTT instead of SCOTT

Thanks to Christine Rae of Donnybrook WA for alerting us to this gremlin

Colossus Crosswords 182 – Gremlin

Stinker From The Vault, page 62

201dn ‘Present day Pope’ for the answer BENEDICT should have read ‘Former Pope’

Thank you to Tony & Val Martin of Palm Beach for reporting this gremlin to us

MEGA! Crosswords 118 – Gremlin

Christine’s MEGA Mix, page 12

The clue at 18 down ‘Tasmanian Mark … was Test cricket captain from 1994 to 1999 (6)’ is incorrect. Mark Taylor was born in Leeton, NSW

Thanks to Terri Thompson from Tasmania for alerting us to this gremlin

Christine’s BIG Crossword 317 – Gremlin

Acrostic, page 54

The puzzle instructions should say ‘The boxed letters from…’ not ‘The shaded letters from…’

Thank you to Stuart Clark from Ellenbrook for alerting us to this error

Christine’s BIG Crossword 318 – Gremlin

Christine’s Cryptic Crossword, page 24

The clue at 3 down should have the word-length (7) instead of (5).

Thank you to Philippa Heddles for alerting us to this gremlin

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 117

Acrostic, page 71

Solution should be ‘creates’ not ‘create’.

Thanks to David Needham from Tasmania for reporting this gremlin.

Colossus Crosswords 182 – Gremlin

The Knowledge, page 34

The clue at 25 down ‘Locomotive enthusiast or anyone who obsessively pursues an minority interest’ should read ‘a’ instead of ‘an’.

Thank you to Max Allen from NSW for reporting this one to us

FindaWord 127 – Gremlin

FindaWord 82, page 66

There is a 6-letter word, RACKET, in the puzzle titled ‘Seven-letter R words’

Thanks to Gary Corrick for alerting us to this gremlin.