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FindaWord 127 – Gremlin

FindaWord 82, page 66

There is a 6-letter word, RACKET, in the puzzle titled ‘Seven-letter R words’

Thanks to Gary Corrick for alerting us to this gremlin.

FindaWord 100 Gremlin

Fill-In Number 1, page 18

The word LETTERS should not appear in the list.

Thanks to Jennifer Carrington of Collombatti, NSW, for alerting us to this error.


FindaWord 88 Gremlin

FindaWord 12

The letter x is missing from Fla Skirt in the word list.  This should read Flax Skirt.

FindaWord 14

Eercise should read Exercise in the word list

Thank you to Faye Butt for alerting us to these errors.

FindaWord 87 Gremlin

Yellow Submarine Movie Findaword –   page 17

‘SEA OF HOLES’ was left off the word list.

Thank you to Dee South of Yandina, Qld

FindaWord 86 Gremlin

Cluedunnit 1 –   page 6

The clue ‘First book of the New Testament’ should read ‘First book of the Old Testament’.

Thanks to Margaret Whibley, of Rostrevor, SA, who called to alert us of this error.