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MEGA! Crosswords 121 – Gremlin

MEGA! 16, page 44

The ‘n’ has dropped off the clue at 27dn ‘Being on-specific’ for the answer GENERALISING

Thanks to David Stenson for alerting us to this error

MEGA! Crosswords 118 – Gremlin

Christine’s MEGA Mix, page 12

The clue at 18 down ‘Tasmanian Mark … was Test cricket captain from 1994 to 1999 (6)’ is incorrect. Mark Taylor was born in Leeton, NSW

Thanks to Terri Thompson from Tasmania for alerting us to this gremlin

MEGA! Crosswords 109 – Gremlin

MEGA Stinker, page 28

150 down ‘ Planner of Pearl Harbor attack, General …’ should be Admiral not General

Thank you to Gunnar Heysteck for alerting us to this gremlin

MEGA! Crosswords 104 – Gremlin

MEGA! 21, page 56

The clue at 35 across, ‘Foating ice sheet’, for the answer FLOE, should read ‘Floating ice sheet’

Thanks to Ruth Stothes of Morayfield Qld for reporting this gremlin to us

MEGA!103 – Gremlin

MEGA! 8, page 24

The clue at 159ac ‘NCO (8,5)’ for the answer SERGEANT MAJOR is incorrect. A Sergeant Major is a
Warrant Officer not the lower ranking Non-Commissioned Officer.

Thank you to Bob Carson for alerting us to this gremlin.

MEGA! 104 – Gremlin

BIG Crossword, page 26

Clue 48 down should be ‘Pressed (clothes)’ not ‘ironed’ for the answer IRONED.

Thank you to Laurie Ortland for alerting us to this error

MEGA! 81 Gremlin

BIG Crossword P26

You will notice that the photo for the clue 131 Across is missing from the BIG Crossword page. This was an error at the printers and we can only apologise. The printers are working to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for your understanding from the Lovatts team.

Mega! Number 9 P30

Clue 72 [more…]

MEGA! 76 Gremlin

MEGA! Number 7 – pg 22

Clue 28ac should be ‘Grasps’ not ‘Orifices’ for the answer HOLDS.

Thanks to Dorothy Nuttal, of Charnwood, ACT, for alerting us to this error.

MEGA! 73 Gremlin

The Stinker – pg 28

The clue ‘Reheat’ at 92dn should be ‘Reheats’ for the plural answer AFTERBURNERS.

Thanks to Ann Lane for alerting us to this one.