Christine Lovatt

It’s that time again, when here at Lovatts we take a break from our synonyms and antonyms, clues and conundrums, to simply say Happy Christmas to all our puzzlers. We hope you all have a peaceful break in the true spirit of the season.

It’s interesting that although it’s a Christian celebration to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is now such an important part of our culture that people from all religions and cultures tend to celebrate in some way or another.

There’s certainly something special about Christmas that’s more than just the festive traditions of turkey, the tree, crackers and presents. More importantly, it’s the way we feel about each other, which is why we like to get together and share our blessings.

Christmas is about being grateful for all we have and having compassion for others. It’s a time to settle old grudges with the neighbours and share goodwill with grouchy old Aunt Maud or those difficult in-laws. Everyone, of any faith or none, can play a part.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” wrote Hamilton Wright Mabie and with a name like that, just maybe he’s right.

So to revive an old pun, let the only cross words this season be your Lovatts crosswords.

Happy Christmas!