hello-smlChristine Lovatt

To celebrate the New Year, we bring you a brand-new puzzle called Concept-Cross.

In our November issue of Big, we tested the waters and asked you puzzlers for feedback. Now that we’ve read your replies, we’re in no doubt that this puzzle is going to be a big hit.
The clues are written in a slightly tongue-in-cheek style, which will bring a smile to your face when the answer comes to you. 

Here are some of our readers’ comments:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the new challenge – Concept-Cross. Once I got on the roll I just kept rolling. It was quite different and ‘ fantabulous’ for your puzzling addicts.” – Billie Halpin

‘We love the new Concept-Cross in the BIG – please give us some more. A very nice mix of knowledge and quasi-cryptic clues. We are not so good at the Editor’s Challenge ones where there is a theme – we get all the clues in due course between the two of us, especially the cryptics, but then can’t always work out the links ! But the Concept-cross is just right. More, please ! Thanks for your continued inventiveness.” – Professor Eileen Byrne

“The new puzzle was great fun – loved the twists to some of the answers! Hope it becomes a regular! Thank you!” – Elizabeth Benedict

“In a short phrase – I LOVE IT! Sneaky tricky but great! Yes please a regular feature of BIG.” – Diana J Stubbs.

We often get letters complaining there are not enough days in the month, especially from those of you who like to tackle The Demon. We can’t add more days to the calendar but we have decided to give you an extra week to complete your BIG contests. This will mean that the draw for prizes will take place later and because of our printer deadlines, the winners’ names will have to appear three issues later instead of two, as they have done up until now. Don’t worry though, as the solutions will still appear two issues later so you can check your answers.

All at Lovatts wish our readers the very best of health and happiness for 2010.

Happy New Year!