When you indulge in your favourite chocolate or relax in a soothing bubble bath do you think you are in seventh heaven? Well where exactly are you?

Seven is widely considered to be a lucky or ideal number. There were seven days of Creation in the Bible, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, seven loaves (to go with the fishes), seven deadly sins and seven virtues.

In Islam there seven vices, seven skies and seven levels in hell. In Judaism, Hinduism and Islam there are seven heavens.

The Qur’an lists the seven heavens, one above the other. The seventh heaven, governed by Abraham, is the ultimate realm. Certain early Jewish traditions also held there were seven heavens. The seventh heaven was ruled by God and his most holy angels.

So with all this weight behind it, it’s not surprising that by the Middle Ages, a person experiencing perfect bliss was said to be in seventh heaven!

Now as to the seven-year itch ……