Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

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Cluewords 130 – Gremlin

Starburst 2, page 8

The clue ‘Sharon Stone thriller, … Attraction’ should read ‘Glenn Close thriller, … Attraction’

Thank you to Barbara-Anne Parfitt for alerting us to this error

Christine’s BIG Crossword 297 – Gremlin

Memory Lane, page 46

The letter ‘l’ has crept into the word ‘mascot’ in the clue at 13 across, ‘Official mlascot of the Walt Disney Studios, this character was created in 1928, … Mouse (6)’

Thank you to Anne Taylor of Canterbury, NZ for alerting us to this gremlin

Christine’s BIG Crossword 297 – Gremlin

Wiz Words, page 25

‘Rouge’ is misspelt ‘Rogue’ in the clue at 6 down, ‘Baton Rogue and New Orleans are located in this US state’

Thank you to Brenda Williams of Paradise, SA for alerting us to this gremlin

Christine’s BIG Crossword 296 – Gremlin

Wiz Words, page 25

The clue at 9 down, ‘Wuthering Heights author who wrote under the pen name of Ellis Bell’ was missing the word break-up of (5,6)

Thanks to Ivan Gore of Palmerston North of NZ for alerting us to this gremlin


Cluewords 128 – Gremlin

Cluewords 16, page 30

The clue ‘Car body’ for the answer CHASSIS is incorrect. The car body sits on the chassis.

Thank you to Andy McCulloch of Rangiora NZ for alerting us to this error.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 108 – Gremlin

The Knowledge, page 89

The clue at 21 across ‘ To present or use material again in another from without substantial change or improvement’ has ‘form’ spelt incorrectly as ‘from’

Thank you to Vernon Daw for reporting this error to us

Colossus Crosswords 171 – Gremlin

Colossus 8, page 44

The clue at 62 across ‘Bauxite & tungsten’ for the answer ORES is incorrect.  Tungsten is a metal not ore.

Thanks to John Carter for alerting us to this error.

MEGA! Crosswords 104 – Gremlin

MEGA! 21, page 56

The clue at 35 across, ‘Foating ice sheet’, for the answer FLOE, should read ‘Floating ice sheet’

Thanks to Ruth Stothes of Morayfield Qld for reporting this gremlin to us

Colossus 170 – Gremlin

Colossus 3, page 18

The clue at 215 across, ‘Defer briefly’ for the answer SUSPENDED should have read ‘Deferred briefly’

Thank you to Matthew Jury from Glen Waverley, Victoria for alerting us to this gremlin.