Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

if you think you've spotted one, please check below to see whether it's already been reported or →click here to browse errors by magazine title. If you're the first to bring the boo-boo to our notice, we'll send you a Gremlin spotter fridge magnet!
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Handy Code Cracker 78 – Gremlin

Red Herrings 1, page 11

The answers have eight letters, not seven letters.

Thanks to Alison Callander from Mangawhai, New Zealand for alerting us to this Gremlin.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 111 – Gremlin

Prism, page 53

‘Florence’ is not a form of currency

Thank you to Christine Rae from WA for reporting this gremlin


Colossus Crosswords 172 – Gremlin

Crossed Wires Word Play, page 2

The odd one out was supposed to be wager; but swager, though rare, has an entry in one of our reference dictionaries.

Thanks to Richard Janiczak for alerting us to this error.


Christine’s BIG Crossword 303

Concept-Cross, page 26

The clue for 53 down, ‘Stout barrel’, is missing from the crossword

Thank you to Jean Tonkin for alerting us to this gremlin

Cluewords 134 – Gremlin

MAXI! 4, page 62

The arrow is missing from the box for the clue ‘Dens’

Thank you to Andy McCulloch of NZ for reporting this gremlin to us



Christine’s BIG Crossword 301 – Gremlin

Concept-Cross, page 26

The tagline was incorrect for the movie Batman at 5 down.

Thank you to Andrew Gore for reporting this gremlin

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 111 – Gremlin

MAXI! 1, page 30

There is an extra arrow on the clue square for the clue ‘Bread portion’

Thank you to Don Butler for alerting us to this gremlin

Variety Prize Puzzles 94 – Gremlin

MAXI!, page 14

The clues ‘Fleece’ and ‘Result’ are displayed incorrectly in the clue square.

Thanks to Des Knight for alerting us to this error

Super Sudoku Quick 152 – Gremlin

Kakuro 3, page 17

The total of the top two lines across are incorrect. 22 should be 23, and 19 should be 18.

Thank you to David Young for alerting us to this error.