A gremlin is an error that makes a puzzle frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

If you think you’ve spotted something, first check this website to see if it’s already been noted. If not, and you’re the first to bring it to our attention, we’ll send you a Gremlin Spotter magnet to proudly display on your fridge!

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22 01, 2016

BIG Crossword 276 – Gremlin

Page 71, Acrostic Solution

The text – ‘Last seen in Mauritius in 1861…’ should read – ‘Last seen in Mauritius in 1662…’

Thank you to Patricia Hall from Queensland for alerting us to this error.

18 01, 2016

Holiday Collection 98 – Gremlin

Monster Colossus competition, page 74

The clue at 236 has ‘Contemplative’ misspelt as ‘Comtemplative’

Thanks to Pauline Dolan of Crows Nest for alerting us to this error

14 01, 2016

Cluewords 119 – Gremlin

The Baffler Competition, page 36

The ‘O’ of OPEC should be ORGANISATION not OIL

Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration caused by this error.

Thank you to Geoff Fraser of South Australia for alerting us to this error.

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25 08, 2015

Colossus 284 – Gremlin

Solutions, page 72/73

The solutions printed in this magazine are not for issue 281 as stated.  The solutions for issue 281 appear in Colossus 285.  The solutions for issue 280 appeared in issue 283.  There are now four issues between competitions and solutions. Solutions for issue 282 [more…]