Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

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MEGA! Crosswords 104 – Gremlin

MEGA! 21, page 56

The clue at 35 across, ‘Foating ice sheet’, for the answer FLOE, should read ‘Floating ice sheet’

Thanks to Ruth Stothes of Morayfield Qld for reporting this gremlin to us

Colossus 170 – Gremlin

Colossus 3, page 18

The clue at 215 across, ‘Defer briefly’ for the answer SUSPENDED should have read ‘Deferred briefly’

Thank you to Matthew Jury from Glen Waverley, Victoria for alerting us to this gremlin.

Handy Acrostic 10 – Gremlin

Grid Logic 2, page 57

‘Tuesday’ is spelt ‘Tueday’ in two places

Thanks to Russell Jansen from Broome, WA for alerting us to this gremlin

Cluewords 128- Gremlin

The Baffler, page 40

The clue, ‘Atonomous Pyrenees region’ should read ‘Autonomous Pyrenees region’

Thank you to Pam Bendle of Heathmont Victoria for alerting us to this gremlin

Handy Acrostic 10 – Gremlin

Acrostic 35, page 61

The letters in the grid do not correspond with some of the letters in the clue solution

A replacement page can be emailed or posted on request.  Please accept our sincere apologies for this error.

Thank you to Tricia Reust of Queensland for alerting us to this error


Variety Prize Puzzles 89 – Gremlin

Missing Link, page 6

The two words coming down from the top row should be COIN and JEEPS not Join and Keeps.

Thank you to Judith Boyd from Werombi, NSW for alerting us to this error.

Christine’s BIG Crossword 291 – Gremlin

Pop Words, page 47

The clue should read ‘Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The … Goodbye) (5,2)’ with the answer FIRST TO

Thanks to AJ Argent of Coorparoo, Qld for alerting us to this gremlin

Super Sudoku Quick 144 – Gremlin

Kakuro 5, page 17

There are two possible solutions for this puzzle.

Thanks to Peter Brandenburg of Mitchelton, Qld for alerting us to this gremlin

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 105 – Gremlin

Concept-Cross, page 60

The clue at 64 across, ‘Intinerant’ for the answer NOMAD should be spelt ‘Itinerant’

Thank you to Megan Crowle of Junortoun Victoria for alerting us to this gremlin