Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

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Holiday Crossword Collection 105 – Gremlin

Concept-Cross, page 60

The clue at 64 across, ‘Intinerant’ for the answer NOMAD should be spelt ‘Itinerant’

Thank you to Megan Crowle of Junortoun Victoria for alerting us to this gremlin

Colossus 169 – Gremlin

The Knowledge, page 34

The clue at 10 down ‘Termite devourers’ should have the word break-up (9) not (10) for the answer ANTEATERS

Thanks to Norman Elmore for alerting us to this gremlin

Variety Prize Puzzles 88 – Gremlin

Globetrotter, page 21

Clue should read ‘New York’s Tin … Alley’ not ‘New York’s … Pan Alley’ for the answer PAN

Thanks to AJ Argent from Coorparoo in Qld for alerting us to this gremlin

Cluewords 126 – Gremlin

Crozzle 2, page 24

The dividing line between the two clues is in the wrong place in the clue square for ‘Nothing/North African nation’.

Thank you to Max Allen from Guildford in NSW for alerting us to this Gremlin.

MEGA!103 – Gremlin

MEGA! 8, page 24

The clue at 159ac ‘NCO (8,5)’ for the answer SERGEANT MAJOR is incorrect. A Sergeant Major is a
Warrant Officer not the lower ranking Non-Commissioned Officer.

Thank you to Bob Carson for alerting us to this gremlin.

Handy Acrostic 8 – Gremlin

The Professor, page 70

The letters in the grid do not correspond with some of the letters in the clue solutions

Thank you to Tricia Reust of Queensland for alerting us to this error

Holiday Crossword Collection 104 – Gremlin

Starcross, page 46

The word break-up for the answer MOON RIVER should be (4,5) not (5,4)

Thanks to Anthony Wong of NSW for alerting us to this error

BIG Crossword 287 – Gremlin

BIG 2, page 10

The clue at 9 across ‘Diana Ross’ group’ should have included the word break up (3,8) for the answer THE SUPREMES

Thank you to Ray Grindlay of Victoria for alerting us to this error

Variety Prize Puzzles 87 – Gremlin

Acrostic, page 10

Number on the grid should have been 126J not 26J.

Thanks to AJ Argent of Qld for alerting us to this error