Magazine Gremlins – Australian and New Zealand titles

Gremlins are errors that make puzzles frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete.

if you think you've spotted one, please check below to see whether it's already been reported or →click here to browse errors by magazine title. If you're the first to bring the boo-boo to our notice, we'll send you a Gremlin spotter fridge magnet!
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Variety Prize Puzzles 87 – Gremlin

Acrostic, page 10

Number on the grid should have been 126J not 26J.

Thanks to AJ Argent of Qld for alerting us to this error

MEGA! 104 – Gremlin

BIG Crossword, page 26

Clue 48 down should be ‘Pressed (clothes)’ not ‘ironed’ for the answer IRONED.

Thank you to Laurie Ortland for alerting us to this error

Holiday Crossword Collection 104 – Gremlin

Check Point, page 39

The clue ‘Motor Scooter’ should have been at G1 not G2

Thanks to Margaret Faulkner of NSW for alerting us to this error

BIG Crossword 285 – Gremlin

Memory Lane, page 46

The answer to 28ac ‘When Harold Holt drowned off Cheviot Beach, John … became Australia’s new Prime Minister’ should be John McEwen not John GORTON.

Thank you to Andrew Gore of NZ for alerting us to this gremlin.

Holiday Crossword Collection 103 – Gremlin

Monster Colossus, page 74

The clue at 157 down, for the answer DEHYDRATE, is spelled incorrectly.  The correct spelling is ‘Desiccate’.

Thanks to Helga Black from Upper Lansdowne, NSW for alerting us to this error.

Holiday Crossword Collection 103 – Gremlin

Figures Of Fun, page 58

The total of the fourth column is 19 not 26

Thanks to Vernon Daw of High Wycombe for alerting us to this error

Colossus Crosswords 165 – Gremlin

The Knowledge page 34

7 across ‘Jesus’ grandfather, Biblical father of Mary’ for our answer JOACHIM. According to the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican traditions, Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The story of Joachim and Anne first appears in the Gospel of James, but Joachim and [more…]

Code Cracker Starhunts 92 Gremlin

Page 30, Beast 2

20 across, the word ‘animation’ appears twice.

Thank you to Rosalind Wilton of Parafield Gardens, SA for alerting us to this error.

Super Sudoku 136 Gremlin

Page 18, Kakuro 1

The cell total Column 5, Row 8 is incorrect in the puzzle and solution

Thank you to Elsha Burns of Rangiora New Zealand for alerting us to this error