Enigma Online Crossword Competition – WIN $100!

Trivia Hints:

If you’d like to activate the ‘Trivia Hints‘ component of this crossword for an additional challenge, select ‘Options‘ from the top menu of the game screen and where ‘Use Trivia Hints‘ appears, select ‘Yes‘. Please remember though, when using either of the hints options you’ll be ineligible to enter our monthly competition.

Lovatts Crossword – Getting Started

Use the mouse to click on the square you want in the Crossword. The square you select is highlighted in orange, its word-space is highlighted in yellow and its clue is highlighted in the right column. Click again to change the direction of the word-space from ACROSS to DOWN (or back again).

Or, Use the mouse to click on any clue in the Clues column on the right to highlight the clue and its word-space in the Crossword, and to select the first square of the word space (highlighted in orange). Solve the clue and type the word into its word-space in the Crossword. If you are right, the wordspace is highlighted in blue.

For further explanation and crossword instructions, please click the ‘HELP’ button located at the top right-hand corner of the puzzle screen, after clicking the ‘Play Crossword’ button.