Here at Lovatts, we live and breathe words and creativity. Creativity means different things to different people, and the very act of creating – whether it be a painting, a story, a sculpture, or even a crossword – can be a therapeutic and sometimes even life-changing process. It was in this spirit of a love of words and creativity that the Lovatts Poetry Competition was born.

For the months of August, September, and October we’ve invited our community of puzzlers to get creative and submit an original poem inspired by each month’s dedicated theme: Creativity for August, Spring for September, and Favourite Pastime for October. The monthly winners, chosen by me and a specially picked team of judges, will each receive a $25 cash card and have their winning poem featured on the Lovatts website to be celebrated with our community.

The theme for August was ‘Creativity’, and what a creative, poetic bunch you are! My carefully selected team of judges and I were charmed and delighted by the poems we received from our community of puzzlers; they certainly made choosing just one winner difficult!

Choose we did, though, and I am pleased to announce the August winner for the Lovatts Poetry Competition is Carole Watson, with her inspiring poem Ars Gratia Artis. Congratulations, Carole, your poem was a resounding success with our team.


AUGUST 2021 — Creativity

Winner: Carole Watson

Ars Gratia Artis

For years and years my thought was this,

I cannot draw, that’s how it is.

But then I found that what it took,

Was practice and a careful look.

Perhaps you think that you can’t sing?

You can. How well, that is the thing.

With all the arts, it’s not too late,

The joy’s when you participate.

— Carole Watson


SEPTEMBER 2021 — Spring

Accepting entries: 1st – 30th September

Winner: Yet to be announced

OCTOBER 2021 — Favourite Pastime

Accepting entries 1st – 31st October

Winner: Yet to be announced

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Happy puzzling!