Handy Range Gremlins

Discovered an error in a Lovatts handy title?

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Handy Cryptic Crosswords 36 – Gremlin

Cryptic Castle 3 pg 71

Clue 3 is incorrect and should read ‘Is leaving top side out at bus terminus’.

Thanks to Paul Coughlin, of Alice Springs, who alerted us to this error.

Handy Fill-Ins 60 – gremlin

Triplets – pg 23

In the list of three-letter word parts PUP should be CUP.

Thanks to Toni Maizey, of Maryborough, Qld, for spotting this incorrect letter.

Handy Crosswords 71 – gremlin

pg 21 Around the World 1

Clues 12 & 15 are reversed.

They should read; ’12. Tahiti’s capital’ & ’15. Map pressure lines’.

Apologies and thanks to Penny Turner, of Wagga Wagga, NSW, for alerting us to this annoying gremlin.