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Handy Wordhunt 92 – Gremlin

Wordhunt 42 Enid Blyton Characters, page 58

Secret Seven is in the list and the grid incorrectly as SECERT SEVEN.

We apologise and thank Shirley Aspinall of East Fremantle for alerting us to this typo.

Handy Arrowords 65 – Gremlin

Quote-Table 1, page 36

In the fourth row, twelve columns across, an extra black square has caused the following three white squares to be in the incorrect columns.  The first of the three white squares should be above the letters BAYR, the second above EU and the third above GATT. After the three white squares there [more…]

Handy Fill-Ins 73 Gremlins

Do Your Block 6 – pg 35

In the list SREVO should be OVERS.

Thanks to Vivien Kember of Bradbury NSW and Margaret Parish of Auckland, NZ, for spotting this incorrect word.

Handy Arrowords 59 Gremlins

Page 42
Movie Go-Round

Clue ‘Tom Hands biopic, Saving Mr …’ is missing its arrow.

Thanks to Glenn O’Brien for alerting us to this error.

Page 81
Wheel Words 2 solution

UPPED, UPPER, CUPPED AND UPPERCUT are listed in our solution, but there is only one P in the puzzle, so they should not be there.

Thanks to Stan for [more…]

Handy Cryptic Crosswords 47 Gremlins

Double Take 6 3 pg 68

Cryptic clue 3 down is incorrectly numbered as 6 down.

Thanks to Glenn O’Brien, of Newnham, who alerted us to this error.

Handy Wordhunt 77 Gremlins

 Pg 39 Wordhunt 29 – Enid Blyton Characters

SECRET SEVEN is incorrectly typed as SECERT SEVEN in both the list and the grid.

With thanks to Shirley Thomson for alerting us to this error.

Handy Sudoku 93 – Gremlin

Contest Closing Date

The contest closing date is listed as Thursday April 1st but this should be Thursday April 4th.

Thanks to Vivien Kember for alerting us to this annoying error.

Handy Cryptic Crosswords 36 – Gremlin

Cryptic Castle 3 pg 71

Clue 3 is incorrect and should read ‘Is leaving top side out at bus terminus’.

Thanks to Paul Coughlin, of Alice Springs, who alerted us to this error.

Handy Fill-Ins 60 – gremlin

Triplets – pg 23

In the list of three-letter word parts PUP should be CUP.

Thanks to Toni Maizey, of Maryborough, Qld, for spotting this incorrect letter.