BIG Crossword Gremlins

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BIG Crossword 234 Gremlin

Solutions p71

The solution to the Mumbo Jumbo lists MAIDEN as the final answer when this should be MADDER.

Thanks to Donald Tozer, from North Lakes, Qld, for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 232 Gremlin

BIG Crossword 5 – page 19

The clue at 111 down which reads ‘Party-giversho’ should read ‘Party-givers’. Apologies for those extraneous letters!

The Lovatts team.

BIG Crossword228 Gremlin

The Demon p30

Clue 59dn ‘Compel heavy-handedly (5-3)’ should read (6-3).

Thanks to Beverley Gow, of Chester Hill, NSW, who alerted us to this typo.