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BIG Crossword 263 Gremlin

BIG 2, page 10

137 across ‘Giver (orders)’ for the answer ISSUE should have read ‘Give (orders)’.

Thanks to Margaret Worrington for alerting us to this typo.

BIG Crossword 255 Gremlin

Memory Lane, Page 32
30 across ‘He played eight parts in Kind Hearts And Coronets (4,7)’ is one square short on the grid for the correct answer ALEC GUINNESS. The solution on page 71 gives the incorrect spelling ALEC GUINESS.

Thank you to Matt Baker of Christchurch, NZ for alerting us to [more…]

BIG Crossword 250 Gremlin

Page 20 Cryptic Castle

The last clue/solution (‘Sink creator’ for FOUNDER) is incorrect. The word should be FOUNDED, with a corresponding clue.

Thanks to Claire Robinson for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 245 Gremlin

Page 73 Prize Winners

The solution to Starhunt No. 8 reads  Keifer Sutherland but should be Kiefer Sutherland to be correct and to match the answer to the puzzle in BIG Crossword 241.

Thanks to Norm Elmore for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 245 Gremlin

Page 7 The Judge Sums Up

We have the answer to Demon clue 85ac as SCUTTLE when it should be SCUFFLE.

Thanks to Norm Elmore, of Mission beach, Qld, for alerting us to this typo.

BIG Crossword 242 Gremlin

Pg 72 Solutions

The solutions printed are for BIG Crossword 238, which was the December issue and not the October issue as our header indicates.

The Lovatts Team

Pg 46 BIG Tougher

Clue 44 across ‘yobs’ has the answer YOBS.  The clue should have been ‘Louts’.

Thanks to Di Barritt of Woolston, NZ for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 240 Gremlin

Pg 27 Acrostic

We have poet Edmund Spenser’s name incorrect as Spencer in this puzzle and his poem, which is most commonly known as The Faerie Queene, we have as Faerie Queen.

Thanks to Willy Kuiper, of Berkeley, NSW, for writing in about this error. We appreciate your feedback.

BIG November 237 Gremlin

Pg 54 Acrostic

The answer is the Hubble Space Telescope, which is a piece of space equipment, not “spare” equipment as in the puzzle description.

Thanks to Ray Grindlay for writing in about this typo.

BIG Crossword 234 Gremlin

Solutions p71

The solution to the Mumbo Jumbo lists MAIDEN as the final answer when this should be MADDER.

Thanks to Donald Tozer, from North Lakes, Qld, for alerting us to this error.