BIG Crossword Gremlins

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Christine’s BIG Crossword 291 – Gremlin

Pop Words, page 47

The clue should read ‘Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The … Goodbye) (5,2)’ with the answer FIRST TO

Thanks to AJ Argent of Coorparoo, Qld for alerting us to this gremlin

BIG Crossword 287 – Gremlin

BIG 2, page 10

The clue at 9 across ‘Diana Ross’ group’ should have included the word break up (3,8) for the answer THE SUPREMES

Thank you to Ray Grindlay of Victoria for alerting us to this error

BIG Crossword 285 – Gremlin

Memory Lane, page 46

The answer to 28ac ‘When Harold Holt drowned off Cheviot Beach, John … became Australia’s new Prime Minister’ should be John McEwen not John GORTON.

Thank you to Andrew Gore of NZ for alerting us to this gremlin.

BIG Crossword 276 – Gremlin

Page 8

Clue at 3dn ‘Eye’s aperture’ is inaccurate for the answer IRIS.  The clue should have referred to the coloured part of the eye.

Thanks to Janet Kemp for alerting us to this error.


BIG Crossword 276 – Gremlin

Page 71, Acrostic Solution

The text – ‘Last seen in Mauritius in 1861…’ should read – ‘Last seen in Mauritius in 1662…’

Thank you to Patricia Hall from Queensland for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 272 – Gremlin

Page 44, Point To Point

The clue ‘4. Male voice higher than a base but lower than a tenor’ should have read ‘Male voice higher than a bass but lower than a tenor’.

Thanks to Ms Margaret Burgess of Cremorne for alerting us to this error

BIG Crossword 270 – Gremlin

Page 27, Acrostic

There is an extra white square after 41G that shouldn’t be there.  The word starting with 37H only has  5 letters in it.

We apologise for this frustrating Gremlin.

BIG Crossword 267 – Gremlin

Page 30, The Demon

The answer to clue 43 down ‘NZ North Island bay, … Bay’ should be HAWKES but there is only room for HAWKE on the grid.


Thanks to Nicola Tennent of Bardon, Qld for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 266 – Gremlin

Page 14, BIG Crossword 4

109 across ‘KISS frontman, … Simmons’ should read ‘KISS bassist, … Simmons’.  Paul Stanley is the frontman.

Thanks to RJ Witton of Parafield Gardens for alerting us to this gremlin.


Page 64, BIG Crossword 12

115 across ‘Giver (orders)’ should read ‘Give (orders)’ for the answer ISSUE.

Thanks to Russell Jansen of Broome, WA [more…]