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  • The history of pants (or trousers)

The history of pants (or trousers)

Back in the 6th C BC, among the Persians and Scythians of Asia, both men and women wore trousers, for warmth and comfort, so thereโ€™s nothing new about women wearing trousers.

The word trousers comes from the Irish triรบs and the Scottish triubhas which also gave rise to trews, close-fitting tartan trousers. Ironically, the Scots and Irish wore kilts themselves.

The ancient Greeks wore flowing robes and considered trousers to be ridiculous. The ancient Romans despised trouser-wearers as barbarians.
However, by the 4th century in Britain, only women were wearing trousers. Men considered them unmanly and wore tunics, obviously influenced by [more…]

Word Talk

  • Top 10 Misspelled Words

Top 10 Misspelled Words

Spelling, put simply, is the art of correctly assembling words from their letters. And just like the passion for correct pronounciation, sorry, pronunciation, there are ardent supporters of a Zero Tolerance approach when it [more…]

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19 05, 2020

Subscriber Sweepstake 26

Congratulations to the latest winners in our Lovatts Subscriber Sweepstake!

These lucky subscribers have shared in over $1000 worth of prizes!

Kindle Oasis 2019 7โ€ Wi-Fi [more…]

18 05, 2020

BIG Winners (Issue 329)

Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot winners are published on our website.

The Demon
Breville 4 Slice Sandwich Press
Isabelle Green, Parramatta NSW.
2 x $50 Cash
Ann Blackburn, Upper Caboolture QLD; [more…]

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12 05, 2020

UK BIG Winners (Issue 332)

Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot winners are published on our website.

The Demon
ยฃ100 Cash
Mrs Claire Sutton, Runcorn.
ยฃ50 Cash
Brenda Gladdish, Sidcup.

MEGA! Goliathon
ยฃ100 Cash
Joan Trotter, Rainham.
ยฃ40 Cash
Aledwen Jones, Llannefydd.

Coupon [more…]

11 05, 2020


Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot winners are published on our website.

Double Monster
ยฃ100 Cash
Barbara Barker, Oakham.

Monster Colossus
ยฃ50 Cash
Miss Elizabeth White, Bridgnorth.
2 x ยฃ25 Cash
Cheryl Boyle, Folkestone; Mrs [more…]

Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
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