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  • Nature’s creepy-crawlies

Nature’s creepy-crawlies

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that etymology and entomology look alike. Cockroach comes from the Spanish cucaracha and describes the unpopular nocturnal insect and a worthless or despicable person, although perhaps it should mean a born survivor, who lives through any circumstance.

Beetle comes from old English bitula ‘to bite’ and to beetle off is to scuttle hurriedly like a beetle. Being beetle-browed means having tufted eyebrows like the antennae of beetles. A beetle-crusher is a big boot.

The ladybird is known in the USA [more…]

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13 10, 2021

FINDaWORD (Issue 146) Winners

Sol: Chicago and Casablanca
$50 Cash
P Cocker, Halls Head WA; A Duncan, Bazdivis WA; J Etheridge, Allambie Heights NSW; S Morgan, Tamatea, Napier NZ; Y [more…]

8 10, 2021

MEGA! Winners (131)

NutriBullet Mega Pack
R Davies, Kings Langley NSW.
$50 Cash
W Fahy, Alexandra Hills QLD; P Guidera, Kimba SA; A Heit, Blackbutt QLD; D Lowe, Raureka [more…]

Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
21 09, 2021

Subscriber Sweepstake UK July/August 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to the latest winners in our Lovatts Subscriber Sweepstake!

These lucky subscribers have shared in £250 worth of prizes!

Kindle – J Galley, Harrogate
Bushnell Binoculars [more…]

13 09, 2021


Double Monster
£100 Cash
Mrs J Munday, Exmouth.

Monster Colossus
£50 Cash
S Harrop, Malham.
£25 Cash
V Hone, Alexandria; D Tyler, West Mersea.

Monster Starhunt
£50 Cash
J Liddle, Ovingham.
£25 Cash
G Hutson, Keighley; [more…]

Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
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