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Hello June 2019

Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared drinks and the third most popular drink in the world, after water and tea – certainly the most consumed alcoholic drink.

Beer dates back to at least 5th millennium BC, in Iran. Cereal was first farmed around 10,000 BC, so it’s possible beer was brewed then, as it’s brewed from cereal grains.

There was even a hymn to the Mesopotamian goddess of beer, which served as a prayer and also as a method of remembering the recipe for beer, at a time when [more…]

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Word Talk

  • The 7 best words about autumn

The 7 best words about autumn

  1. Crisp
  2. Derived from the Latin crispus meaning ‘curled’, this word means firm, dry and brittle and you could say it’s a great example of onomatopoeia, a word that sounds exactly like its meaning.

  3. Deciduous
  4. From the [more…]

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24 05, 2019

Crossword & Puzzle Collection Winners (Issue 117)

Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot Winners are published on our website.

Double Monster
$400 Cash
Nanette Jenkins, Waitakere NZ.

Monster Colossus
$200 Cash
Jenny R Smith, Morningside QLD.
$100 Cash
Lorraine Giddings, Strathfield NSW.

Monster [more…]

23 05, 2019

Cashwords Jackpot (09)

$1000 Cash
Debra Jarrett, Rubyvale QLD.

5 x $500 Cash
Aubrey Adrian, Mt Pleasant WA; Lyn Allan, Wycheproof VIC; Ms Joanne Baulch, Dimboola VIC; Anne Fleming, Orana [more…]

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Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
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