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New Year New Words

The arrival of the New Year provides us an excellent excuse to explore some of the newest words and concepts that have been added to the English language from our everyday vernacular โ€“ from deepfake and fan art to WFH and PPE.

Most of the words we use in the English language today are of foreign origin. Many basic words came from Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian and English still derives much of its vocabulary from Latin and Greek, but we have also borrowed (or [more…]

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13 01, 2021


The Baffler
Twinings 12-Compartment Tea Chest
C Kutcher, Kadina SA.
5 x $50 Cash
J Bailey, Nambour QLD; J Clark, Port Albert VIC; S McKellar, Cunnamulla QLD; D [more…]

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18 12, 2020

UK BIG Winners (Issue 340)

Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot winners are published on our website.

The Demon
ยฃ100 Cash
M Innes, Glasgow.
ยฃ50 Cash
C Leedham, Cannock.

MEGA! Goliathon
ยฃ100 Cash
J McEwan, Thetford.
ยฃ40 Cash
G Atkinson, Redcar.

Contest Coupon
Wiz [more…]

18 12, 2020

UK COLOSSUS Winners (Issue 347)

Cashwords Jackpot
Cashwords Jackpot winners are published on our website.

The Baffler
3 x ยฃ50 Cash
E Carnell, Lincoln; N Pinson, Stourbridge; M Shenton, Sandbach.

Giant Cryptic
ยฃ100 Cash
J Ogilvie, [more…]

Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
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