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Hello – BIG August 2016


Christine Lovatt

Our distant cousins don’t necessarily look like us so we shouldn’t be surprised that in the world of vocabulary, word families have relatives who share a common ancestor, but have distanced themselves from each other.

The Latin word sanguis meaning ‘blood’ gives us both sanguinary ‘bloodthirsty’ and sanguine ‘happy’. Perhaps this is a hint about the mood of ancient assailants? The word sang-froid is another cousin, from the French ‘blood cold’ meaning cold-bloodedness or a couldn’t-care-less attitude.

The Latin genus meaning ‘stock or kind’ is the origin of several [more…]

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  • My Cup Of Tea

My Cup Of Tea

This means something one finds pleasing though it’s more often heard in the negative – but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Tea is, or most certainly was, the national beverage of Britain and it [more…]

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18 01, 2017

HANDY SUDOKU (142) Winners

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker
Kym Broome, Lang Lang VIC

KitchenAid Red Electric Kettle
Lynne Wilcock, Whakatane NZ

iPod Shuffle
Louise Moore, Cambridge NZ

Victorinox 6 piece Steak Knife Set
Alan Sparks, [more…]

17 01, 2017


Peter Keeley, Sedan SA.

10 x $50
Patricia Bertram, Torrensville SA; Zanette Kane, Christchurch NZ; Bev Clement, Whangarei NZ; Izabella Di Tomasso, Eltham VIC; Sandra Hardman, [more…]

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24 01, 2017

UK COLOSSUS Winners (Issue 300)

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3 x £50
Rowena Hawkins, Beaworthy; Catherine Harvey, Glasgow; Sally Press, Farnborough

Mrs J M Andrew, Devon

2 x £25 [more…]

24 01, 2017

UK BIG Winners (Issue 289)

See UK Jackpot Winners

Gordana Richards, London

Steve Beresford, Andreas

Marguerite Mavin, Leicester

Carole Daniel, Scarborough


Sol: Nourish
2 Bradford’s Reference [more…]

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