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Congratulations to the winner of our Spending Spree competition! Maureen D from Brighton, SA is the lucky recipient of this indulgent prize valued at $12,000! We chatted with Maureen to find out more about her life, her love of Lovatts puzzles and how she feels to be our winner.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I moved to Australia from the UK in 1971. First living in Sydney and working as a nurse for Sydney Home Nursing for many years. I’ve always been a nurse, it has always been my career and I’ve enjoyed helping people.  I met my darling husband on a walking tour of Port Macquarie and we decided to settle in SA. I do miss living in the UK, but much prefer the climate and the lifestyle here.

Congratulations on winning the Spending Spree competition, how will you spend the money?

I might spend the money on a little bit of a holiday, not too far away as we don’t travel far these days. Maybe back to Port Macquarie where I met my husband. I think I might invest in a gym membership for the year and have the indulgence of purchasing a bottle of my favourite perfume, Chanel No. 5. We also have a few things that need fixing up around the house like painting and renovations which we normally don’t get to.

Have you ever won anything else before?

This is my first prize, ever! I have never won anything before, so this is a great surprise. A marvellous first prize to win!

What are your favourite Lovatts puzzles to do?

I love all the crosswords and acrostics, they are my favourite. I really enjoy Christine’s BIG Crossword magazine, so I get some variety in the puzzles. The pull-out Monster Colossus and Monster Starhunt puzzles in the Crossword & Puzzle Collection magazines are a good bit of fun. The bigger puzzles are great as I like doing a bit each day until I finish.

Where and when do you usually puzzle?

My favourite time to puzzle is at night, it relaxes me before going to bed. Keeps your brain active and mind ready. I like to puzzle at home, so I can get the dictionaries out to help me with the clues.

Any final things you would like to add?

It’s such a wonderful surprise to win, I have been a Lovatts subscriber for the past 5 years and I’m so excited to have won. I actually thought you were calling to renew my subscription, so this is a lovely phone call. You can call me anytime with news like this!

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