Christine Lovatt’s Hello Column

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Hello- BIG August 2012

We hear some amazing real-life stories from our readers.

Here’s the story of Lynette Anesbury, who used our crosswords to retrain her brain.

Lynette has been doing crosswords since she was ten. A family friend introduced her to crosswords in the paper. They started having races to see who could finish the newspaper crossword first. She [more…]

Hello- BIG July 2012

The word cutlery comes from the Old French word coutellerie (related to today’s French word couteau ‘knife’) yet the words knife, fork and spoon are all from Old English. The knife was by far the earliest of the cutlery items.

The word knife comes from the Old English cnif, and the first knives would have [more…]

Lovatts supports the Alzheimer’s Australia ‘Mind your Mind’ campaign

It is a sad reality that nearly all of us know a person living with dementia and have witnessed the effects this has not only on them, but on their carers, family and friends.

This disease can happen to anybody. Though it is more common after the age of 65, people in their 40s, 50s [more…]