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MEGA! is for those who love giant crosswords, with clues that are interesting and puzzler-friendly…

Colossus Crosswords

Entertaining and challenging with giant crosswords of different difficulty levels and 1000s of clues…

Variety Prize Puzzles

With the best mix of puzzles and top quality prizes, this title is popular with puzzlers and competition lovers…

Christine’s BIG Crossword magazine

Contains a mix of crosswords and puzzles plus lots of contests and a comfortable style you’ll love…

Audrey Daybook

Brimming with thought-provoking content, inspiring stories and challenging puzzles, it’s a periodical for the sharp-minded modern woman. It’s time for you to discover that there’s nothing quite like Audrey.

Subscriber Sweepstake 2 Winners

These lucky subscribers have shared in £250 worth of prizes!

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum: Elizabeth Leadbitter, Bideford, Devon

Collins English Dictionary: Complete and Unabridged: Marina Barlow, Littleborough, Lancs

Jamie Oliver Blender: P M Fairman, Diss, Norfolk

Chasseur Mini French Oven: Eileen Lloyd, Bolton, Lancs

The Sweepstake is our way of saying thank you for being a member of [more…]

Hello – BIG February 2016

If you’ve ever played the game of trying to talk on a subject for two minutes without saying um or er, you will realise just how much a part of our everyday speech is the interjection.

The um, er variety are called ‘filled pauses’ giving the speaker time to think of the right words. It’s [more…]

Subscriber Sweepstake 2 Winners

These lucky subscribers have shared in over $1000 worth of prizes!

StarView Telescope: Mrs Ronnie Smith of Bunbury WA
Philips Portable DVD player: Mr Gary Bosselmann of Hastings, Hawke’s Bay NZ
Russell Hobbs Blender: Mrs E McDonald of Grovedale VIC
DeLonghi – Icona Kettle: Mrs Merilyn Philip of Baulkham Hills NSW
Russell Hobbs – Juiceman Press: Mrs Nell Lantry [more…]

Hello – BIG January 2016

Life in the past was based in the countryside far more than it is today and country people came in for a roasting, wordwise.

The word villa meant ‘country house’ or ‘farm’ and gave rise to village, villein ‘feudal peasant’ and villain. Villain now means the bad guy in a story, a criminal or [more…]