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Variety Prize Puzzles 73 – Gremlin

Word For Word, page 43

The word DRESSING is missing from the list in the middle of the puzzle.

Apologies for the confusion – Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Variety Prize Puzzles – 63 Gremlin

Check Point Contest, page 36

The position of the yellow shaded square at L3 is incorrect. The shading should be on the square at M3.

Apologies for the confusion and thanks to Mike Selvage of Thornlands, Qld who phoned us when he noticed the error.

Variety Prize Puzzles 62 – Gremlin

Front Cover

In our haste to bring out the Christmas issue of Variety Prize Puzzles, we missed a glaring typo on the front cover. The closing date is of course January 17, 2013 – not 2012. Fortunately it is written correctly everywhere else in the magazine.

Apologies for the confusion and thanks to Pam Bendle, [more…]