Crossword & Puzzle Collection Gremlins

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Crossword & Puzzle Collection 95 – Gremlin

Page 94, The Beast

We have left off the clue reference ‘& 89 across’ at clue 96 across. This should read 96 & 89 across.

Thanks to Paul Cooper of Glenfield, NSW for alerting us to this error.


Crossword & Puzzle Collection 93 – Gremlin

Monster Colossus, page 74

270ac ‘Supresses’ is missing a ‘p’ and should read ‘Suppresses’.

Thanks to Gaylene Nichols of Glenorchy, Tasmania for alerting us to this typo.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 92 – Gremlin

Stinker Crossword, page 56

The clue at 41dn has ‘gallery’ misspelt as ‘galley’.

Thanks to Lorna Mallet for alerting us to this error.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 91 – Gremlin

Photo-Find competition, page 2

SKYE TERRIER is misspelt SKY TERRIER on the grid.  We sincerely apologise for this error.

The Lovatts team.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 90 – Gremlins

The Krypton 1, page 75

The word ‘Sue’ is in the list under ‘5 Letters’ instead of being listed under the heading  ‘3 Letters’ .

Thanks to Sharyn Murdoch-Daly for alerting us to this.

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 88 – Gremlins

Chain Letters, Page 52
The arrow to the starting letter should be pointed at the top S and not the bottom S
Thank you to Vern Daw of Wycombe, WA for alerting us to this error.

BIG 4, Page 80
The clue number above the picture clue should read 130 down and not 103 down.
Thank you to [more…]

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 85 – Gremlin

Beast 3, Solution P112

The solution for the clue at 79 down  ‘Salt actress who stars with our beauty in 107 down (8,5)’ should be ANGELINA JOLIE and not ARGUMENTATIVE as shown in the solution grid.  We apologise for this error.

Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 84 – Gremlin

Page 3 What’s Inside…

The Letters and Judge pages are incorrectly indicated as being on pages 22 & 23. They are actually on pages 10 & 11.

Thanks to Mike Dixon who alerted us to this error.

Page 104  Acrostic

J. Seasoning dispensers (4,6) should be (4,7).

Thanks to Rob McLaren of Eight Mile Plains, Qld for alerting us [more…]

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 83 – Gremlins

Check Point – pg 47

Clue A11 ‘Ballerina’ indicates (7) letters but should indicate (6)
Clue J11 ‘To sew or darn’ indicates (7) letters but should indicate (6)

Figures of Fun – pg 58

Both the letter G and the letter L have been given the numerical value 4 in the grid. L = 4, but [more…]