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Colossus 147 Gremlin

Colossus No. 7 – p42

170 down ‘Small celestial bodies’ should be ‘Small celestial body’ for the answer ASTEROID

Thank you to Miss R J Wilton of Parafield Gardens, SA for alerting us to this error.

Colossus 145 – Gremlin

The Knowledge – p34
The incorrect number of letters are indicated after the clue at 34 down ‘Meal’s first course consisting of processed meats, olives, cheese and preserved vegetables’.  There are 9 letters in the answer, not 10 as indicated.
Thank you to Janine Collins of Mt Annan, NSW for alerting us to this error.

Colossus 144 – Gremlin

The Beast No. 1 Solution – p70

A section of the solution grid does not match the clues for The Beast No. 1.

147 across ‘Garbage’ should be TRASH and not SMASH
170 across’ Nuptial vow’ should be I DO and not IDI
176 across ‘Advertising clip’ should be PROMO and not CREDO
147 down ‘Forest’s canopy [more…]

Colossus 141 – Gremlin

BIG Crossword pg 58

The ‘Photo Clue’ photo at the top left of the page indicates that the matching clue is at 51ac when it is in fact at 130ac.

Apologies from the Lovatts team.

The Knowledge pg 34

The clue at 31 across says the answer has (5) letters, but it should say (6) :

31. Ethnic group [more…]

Colossus 140 – Gremlin

The Baffler pg 21

Our clue ‘Black Forest state’ requires the answer Bavaria, but the Black Forest is in Baden-Wurttemberg. Our clue should have been ‘German alpine state’.

Thanks to Stephen Martin, of Clayton, Vic, for alerting us to this error.

Colossus 140 – Gremlin

The Knowledge
Page 34

The clue 15 across should have read ‘Dry US state which comes in THIRD when they’re listed in alphabetical order’ and not FOURTH.

Thank you to Helen Sainsbury for alerting us to this error.

Colossus 140 – Gremlin

BIG Crossword – p58

The photo at the top left for clue 41 Down is of Rupert Everett but it should be Rupert Graves to match the clue.

Thanks to Susan Dormain who alerted us to this error.

Colossus 139 Gremlin

Starhunt 3, page 29

The number given in the extra clues on page71 is the same as one of the given numbers in the puzzle.

Thanks to Gloria Taylor, Dicky Beach, Qld

Memory Lane

8 down ‘Sporting event held in Sydney in 1938, The British…(6,6)’, should read (6,5) for EMPIRE GAMES.

Thanks to Judith Capper, Taumarunui, NZ