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Cluewords 119 – Gremlin

The Baffler Competition, page 36

The ‘O’ of OPEC should be ORGANISATION not OIL

Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration caused by this error.

Thank you to Geoff Fraser of South Australia for alerting us to this error.

Cluewords 113 Gremlins

Cluewords 5, page 7

The two clues in the black square located 6 squares across and 9 squares down are around the wrong way. The clue ‘Population counts’ should be at the top of the square, with an arrow pointing up, and the clue ‘Recalibrate’ should be at the bottom of the square, with an arrow [more…]

Cluewords 111 Gremlin

Page 33, Monster Maxi!

Clue in last column, fifth row ‘Rests on on bed, … down’, has an extra ‘on’ in the clue and should read ‘Rests on bed, … down’.

Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Cluewords 110 Gremlins

Page 20, Sports Words

The arrow is missing on the clue ‘Gymnastics’ horizonal …’

Thanks to Miss R J Wilton of Parafield Gardens for alerting us to this.

Cluewords 105 Gremlin

Page 36, The Baffler

The clue in the middle of the bottom line ‘US Pacific island territory’ is missing its arrow.
Thanks to PM Bendle for alerting us to this error.

Cluewords 103 – Gremlin

Pg 10 Starburst

A typo slipped through in the Starburst puzzle. Our clue ‘Dowton Abbey star, Maggie …’ should read ‘Downton Abbey star, Maggie …’. Apologies to fans of this successful TV show for this error.

With thanks for your understanding – the Lovatts team.

Cluewords 101 – Gremlin

Pg 45, Crozzle 5
Towards the top right-hand corner, the arrow for the clue ‘Bucket’ has slipped down to the clue ‘Water-proof covers’, giving this clue two arrows, and ‘Bucket’ no arrows.
With thanks to Max Allen of Guildford for alerting us to this gremlin.