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Hello – BIG October 2014


Christine Lovatt

“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Many famous people are still remembered, not for their wise words or brave deeds, as they would like to be, but for the clothes they wore.

Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian revolutionary, is associated with the red shirts worn by his volunteers in lieu of a uniform. The Garibaldi jacket, a red woollen jacket, especially with braid or black embroidery, first became popular in the [more…]

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  • My Cup Of Tea

My Cup Of Tea

This means something one finds pleasing though it’s more often heard in the negative – but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Tea is, or most certainly was, the national beverage of Britain and it [more…]

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30 09, 2014

MEGA! Winners (Issue 89)

John Bacon, Manukau NZ.

10 x $50
Helen Barry, Airport West Vic; Vivien Bird, Cowes Vic; Sue Bolton, Casino NSW; Rosa Caddies, Logan Central [more…]

30 09, 2014

SUDOKU Winners (Issue 112)

3 x $50
Sandra Court, Rifle Range Qld; Kathy Palmer, Tauranga NZ; Catherine Swift, Lower Hutt NZ.


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24 09, 2014

MEGA Winners (Issue 32)

Chris Crane, Stoke-on-Trent.

3 x £10 Sainsbury’s Gift Cards
Pauline Allen, Stockton-on-Tees; Elizabeth Brown, Bristol; Jackie Lee, Wolverhampton.

Lesley May, Hazlemere.

2 x £10 [more…]

17 09, 2014

BIG Winners (Issue 262)

Yvonne Crymble, Carrickfergus.

4 x £50
June Buckle, Southampton; Enid Kelleher, Norwich; Pam Leighton, Romford; Sandy Rosten, Harrow.

Pamela Lewis, Winsford.

2 x £50
Gregory Horton, [more…]

Win prizes in Lovatts puzzle magazines
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