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MEGA 37 – Gremlin

Page 2, Judge Sums Up

In the second last paragraph ‘site’ should have read ‘sight’ in the sentence ‘The jaunting car was a common site in Dublin’.

Although a gremlin is an error that makes a puzzle frustrating, difficult or impossible to complete, we would like to acknowledge this error and apologise for this typo.

The Lovatts team.

BIG Crossword 267 – Gremlin

Page 30, The Demon

The answer to clue 43 down ‘NZ North Island bay, … Bay’ should be HAWKES but there is only room for HAWKE on the grid.


Thanks to Nicola Tennent of Bardon, Qld for alerting us to this error.

BIG Crossword 270 – Gremlin

Shaded Squares

Please accept our apologies for the indistinct shaded squares in this issue of BIG Crossword magazine. We are speaking to our printers to rectify this issue.

Two Way Teaser

Big Tougher

BIG Easy

Puzzle Collection 98 – Gremlin

Shaded Squares

Please accept our apologies for the indistinct shaded squares in this issue of Puzzle Collection.

We are speaking to our printers and will rectify this issue.




BIG Crossword 266 – Gremlin

Page 14, BIG Crossword 4

109 across ‘KISS frontman, … Simmons’ should read ‘KISS bassist, … Simmons’.  Paul Stanley is the frontman.

Thanks to RJ Witton of Parafield Gardens for alerting us to this gremlin.


Page 64, BIG Crossword 12

115 across ‘Giver (orders)’ should read ‘Give (orders)’ for the answer ISSUE.

Thanks to Russell Jansen of Broome, WA [more…]

Crossword & Puzzle Collection 93 – Gremlin

Monster Colossus, page 74

270ac ‘Supresses’ is missing a ‘p’ and should read ‘Suppresses’.

Thanks to Gaylene Nichols of Glenorchy, Tasmania for alerting us to this typo.

Handy Arrowords 65 – Gremlin

Quote-Table 1, page 36

In the fourth row, twelve columns across, an extra black square has caused the following three white squares to be in the incorrect columns.  The first of the three white squares should be above the letters BAYR, the second above EU and the third above GATT. After the three white squares there [more…]

Cryptic Crossword Collection 16 Gremlin

Solution to Cryptic Words 1, page 70

The solution grid contains two incorrect words.

The answer  to the clue ‘Pen with the French fashion sense’ reads SOYA on the grid, but should be STYLE.  The intersecting answer to ‘More secure vault on right’ should read SAFER and not SAD.

Thanks to John Dubbelboer for alerting us to this error [more…]

Variety Prize Puzzles 76 – Gremlin

Mumbo-Jumbo Contest, page 40

The last square in the third line should not be shaded for the answer to the anagram EDOMAW.  There should only be 10 letters altogether to unjumble.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration caused by this error.

Thank you to Mike Selvage for alerting us to this gremlin.