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Hello August 2018

We all have one, you may hang yours or hold it high. You may shake it, turn it or scratch it. Lose it, keep it or bang it against a brick wall.
I’m talking about your head, also known as bonce, noggin, loaf or nut.  Loaf comes from Cockney rhyming slang ‘loaf of bread – [more…]

BIG Competition Solutions – Issue 306

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Crossword & Puzzle Collection Solutions – Issue 111

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Colossus 175 Competition Solutions

Hello May 2018

Although we might think of the word blog as a recent addition to the dictionary, it’s nearly 20 years old.
It comes from the term weblog, coined in 1997, which means an online personal diary, where people write about day-to-day events in their lives – literally a web log.
In 1999, blogger Peter [more…]

MEGA! Competition Solutions – Issue 111

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