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BIG Competition Solutions – Issue 304

Holiday Collection Solutions – Issue 111

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Colossus 175 Competition Solutions

Hello May 2018

Although we might think of the word blog as a recent addition to the dictionary, it’s nearly 20 years old.
It comes from the term weblog, coined in 1997, which means an online personal diary, where people write about day-to-day events in their lives – literally a web log.
In 1999, blogger Peter [more…]

MEGA! Competition Solutions – Issue 110

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BIG Competition Solutions – Issue 302

Hello April 2018

What a magnificent creature the dragon is – a fierce, giant, fire-breathing lizard.
In China, the dragon is a symbol of strength, used by the Chinese Emperor as a symbol of his own imperial power. Other Oriental nations have their own versions of dragons.
In Europe the dragon is a fearful, aggressive monster, whereas the [more…]

BIG Competition Solutions – Issue 299

Colossus 173 Competition Solutions