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Colossus 183 Competition Solutions

Hello September 2019

Have you noticed that we have the word orphan for a child whose parents have died, and widow or widower for a person whose spouse has died, but no word for a parent whose child has died? Author Jen Hutchison would like the word motherling to be used for a mother who has lost [more…]

MEGA! Competition Solutions – Issue 118

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BIG Competition Solutions – Issue 319

Hello August 2019

Traitors sometimes pop up in our crossword clues, highlighting the fact that history is full of tales of treason. In some cases, the names of traitors have become words to describe a person who acts treacherously.

The most famous traitor is probably the biblical disciple Judas Iscariot, who indicated Jesus’ identity to the Temple [more…]

Crossword & Puzzle Collection Solutions – Issue 118

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Colossus 182 Competition Solutions

The left handed life

All left-handed people are evil, worthless, mysterious and bring bad luck. At least, that’s what they used to think in former days. The Latin word for left is ‘sinister’, which has only come to mean evil or treacherous because of its leftist leanings.The old Saxon word for left was ‘lyft’ which also meant worthless. [more…]

BIG Competiton Solutions – Issue 318