Holiday Collection Gremlins

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Holiday Collection 88 – Gremlins

Chain Letters, Page 52
The arrow to the starting letter should be pointed at the top S and not the bottom S
Thank you to Vern Daw of Wycombe, WA for alerting us to this error.

BIG 4, Page 80
The clue number above the picture clue should read 130 down and not 103 down.
Thank you to [more…]

Holiday Collection 85 – Gremlin

Beast 3, Solution P112

The solution for the clue at 79 down  ‘Salt actress who stars with our beauty in 107 down (8,5)’ should be ANGELINA JOLIE and not ARGUMENTATIVE as shown in the solution grid.  We apologise for this error.

Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Holiday Collection 84 – Gremlin

Page 3 What’s Inside…

The Letters and Judge pages are incorrectly indicated as being on pages 22 & 23. They are actually on pages 10 & 11.

Thanks to Mike Dixon who alerted us to this error.

Page 104  Acrostic

J. Seasoning dispensers (4,6) should be (4,7).

Thanks to Rob McLaren of Eight Mile Plains, Qld for alerting us [more…]

Holiday Collection 83 – Gremlins

Check Point – pg 47

Clue A11 ‘Ballerina’ indicates (7) letters but should indicate (6)
Clue J11 ‘To sew or darn’ indicates (7) letters but should indicate (6)

Figures of Fun – pg 58

Both the letter G and the letter L have been given the numerical value 4 in the grid. L = 4, but [more…]

Holiday Collection 80 – Gremlin

Collection Contest  – pg 4

Clue 88dn reads ‘Confectionson sticks’  but should have a space so that it reads ‘Confections on sticks’.

Thanks to Pam Bendle, of  Heathmont, VIC, for alerting us to this little gremlin!

BIG Crossword 1 – pg 17

Clue 94 Down: ‘Eurpoean plane manufacturer’ should be ‘European plane manufacturer’.

Thanks to K Rankin.

Holiday Collection 79 – Gremlin

The Judge p11

Thanks to LK Turvy, of South Dunedin, for noting that our Judge had misspelt ADOLESCENTS as ADOLECENTS in the column about the contests in Holiday Collection 77. You can be sure that our judges didn’t make the same mistake when awarding prizes.